Tips for Starting a Successful App Business in UK

Being a good app developer is difficult in today’s world. Sure you can develop an app, but with the large diversity of apps in the market today, you have to develop something special. So before you go ahead and start your app business, here are some key aspects you must keep in mind.

Your First Platform

With fierce competition all around, you need to have some unique coding skills to develop something innovative and usable. So your first step is choosing a platform. If you’re going to develop an IOS app, you have to use Swift or Objective C. For an android system, you’ll need to know Java and XML.

If this is your first time, start with a single platform. As you get better, you can move on to multi-platform development.

Wannabe Rich?

Now studies have shown that the ratio of revenue generated by Apple app store to that of Google Play is 8 to 1 and so if you are looking to kick start your business, you should start with the IOS system. Since most apps have to be bought rather than downloaded for free in the Apple app store, there are chances your app would be ignored. Make sure your app is attractive enough and has a fair price.

Next up is deciding whether you want your app to be free or paid. For free apps you have to rely on in-app advertisements for earning.

Your Grand Design

Users look for apps that are innovative, simple to use, appealing. So first step towards developing your app is knowing your target audience. Remember that you will be developing apps for a miniature screen and therefore you will have to grasp your user’s attention at the beginning. Make your app navigation user friendly. Add animations, pictures, icons to your app. Beautify it. Emulate the real world as much as you can.

Good Marketing

For your app to be recognized, presentation is key. In the app store, make sure your app icon stands out from the rest. Have a catchy tag line to go with. The three screen shots you are allowed to add should be of your app’s best features. Share your app on developers’ forums and collaborate. SEO can be a very good marketing technique. This takes into account the app’s ranking in the app store. The higher up your app goes, the more recognition it gets.

Keeping in mind these key aspects would help you in your quest. Business awaits!