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Our UK based software company is a place where innovative technology is implemented to generate global business success of our customers.

Software Development

The ultramodern IT companies are now in demand, as every business needs a great digital product to be a company representative 24 hours per day. So, to answer your complicated requirements, we begins with the most advanced R&D expertise for multiple disciplines to achieve the best possible personalised software development product.

To achieve success with the development we offer additionally, marketing consulting and business development support to plan your future digital growth.

Analysis and Development Strategy for Enterprise Software

In general, in our software development company, we insist that specific utilities will serve the customer's strategy or in a single environment to provide customers with advanced services. In addition, this includes the fact that these users have extensive experience in this specific area, which has an overriding need for practical usability and functionality.

In developing successful products, we will investigate the following:

  • The environment in which the product is used
  • Software area program evolved
  • It will take advantage of the user of this software

To comprehensively assess these problems, we have created the environmental version of the software that can be used and the user model that can use the software. In addition to developing user stories and examples of use, we must not forget these guidelines, as we participate in the evaluation of business enterprises, create user interface layout. Subsequently, the specialists built the structure according to all job specifications and planned the testing process. In general, we pay special attention to the extent of the analysis and layout of the application.

Mass-Market Digital Products

The development of software products for the mass market is clearly different from the creation of enterprise applications.

While business applications can be used by a variety of people, in a wide range of environments, mass-market products are designed to be used by larger audiences. This diversity is the reason why more elements are considered in a unique hardware system, operating platform and browser layout, development and testing.

You can request a variety of digital products in the London IT companies like desktop programs, mobile, cloud or built, and are designed in a variety of use cases.

Cloud Solutions is the Next Step in your Progress

The implementation of SaaS is growing and now cloud technology and SaaS solutions can bring undoubted benefits (including flexible spending, remote access, rapid deployment, ongoing support, etc.), as well as their efficiency and amazing development efficiency of commercial companies.

By moving the software to Cloud or using it as SaaS, you can get the following benefits:

  • Reduce software update time on user's computer
  • The infrastructure of the information system becomes cheaper
  • Get business information from multiple offices
  • Communication
  • Increased data storage protection
  • Flexible Maintenance and Updates
  • Centralized statistical backup features

In our company, we use a lot of technology to create cloud and SaaS solutions:

  • .Net, Java
  • Windows, Linux
  • MS Square Server, MySql, Oracle
  • Windows Azure, Amazon S3

For customers based in the UK, we offer the full development of the Cloud and SaaS solution from equipment hardware infrastructure requirements. We can provide all important services:

  • Develop SaaS technology
  • Continuous support and protection
  • System Management
  • Invite experts and empower your cloud

Mobile Software

Mobile technology is now being used by billions of people around the world. The annual demand for mobile technology has increased by 15-20%, and today they are widely used not only in end users but also in large companies to solve critical and harsh business conditions.

Our company offers customers the development of an advanced enterprise-class mobile decision making in accordance with the corporate vision to achieve new technology and new business development. Mobile solutions include special HMI and UI building systems used in real-time manufacturing management systems, mobile medical care structures, instrumentation acquisition and switching systems, and unique medical structures for tracking treatment procedures.

We offer a full range of services related to the development of mobile projects:

  • Depth analysis and understanding of customer business and transfer of existing technology to the mobile platform
  • System architecture and improvements in UI layout
  • iOS, Android and Windows application development and testing procedures
  • Support multiple platforms with local or cross-platform technology

Internet of Things

More and more gadgets have built-in operating system and the ability to communicate with the Internet. According to the research firm, the number of wireless devices connected to the worldwide network will grow to 30 billion by 2020, and this trend is in different areas including health, smart metering, smart home, automotive, manufacturing, production equipment, traffic management systems, etc. The various programs of these solutions are expanding.

It is difficult to develop an effective system for the relevant technical knowledge base. Hardware design, embedded enhancements, and cloud solutions can no longer be separated. It needs to integrate statistical solutions for data collection, processing and analysis. In addition, the operation of these solutions produces more information.

Our company has a flexible and high performance general framework for software built by smart cities that can serve a variety of users and devices. The main functions include:

  • Tool management and configuration
  • Service Control
  • User management
  • Allocation of equipment
  • Billing structure
  • Provides a mobile package that interacts with the smart metering system

Development and deployment methods

We implement solutions such as packages of computing devices, cloud applications and SaaS and mobile applications. Most commonly, these solutions are designed as Web packages that can be used internally for enterprise networks.

We pay special attention to the customer training process, prepare video, teach webinars and unique documentation for software maintenance. In addition, we can attach the user manual, help observe the very process of operating the system.

We create these packages in the following ways:

  • Healthcare And Medicine
  • Travel and tourism
  • Catering and delivery
  • Trade and commerce
  • Education and training

Business model development

Our UK company offers first-class corporate plans to first define the expected budget and functionality with customers based on fixed project prices. We have always proposed that the client choose the t & m method because it has the flexibility to convert assigned capabilities and development priorities while controlling the financial. This technique also allows the use of methods like Scrum and Agile in the best possible way.

Case Study

We offer development services including:

  • Business evaluation, research and field research, analysis of the needs of users and companies
  • Design UI / UX, with model, development and quality assurance
  • Structural integration and pre-emission testing
  • Presentations and online webinars are designed to teach customers the use of software developed
  • Redesign, Performance Tuning Providers and Carrier

Tools and Techniques

For the development of the public services of our company, we use the whole range of cutting-edge technologies:

  • C #, C ++, Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET, VBScript, PHP, HTML, JSP, Ix86 editor, DHTML, XML
  • IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, CoDeSys V2.3 and V3.4
  • Design: UML, MS Visio, RUP
  • Database: Oracle, PostGreSQL, MySQL, MS Access
  • Mobile Systems and Technologies: eMbedded Visual C ++ 4.0, Objective C (iOS, Mac OS), Visual C #, MIDP, .NET Compact Framework, J2ME, WAP, xHTML
  • .NET Framework, ADO.NET, DirectX, SALT, AJAX, COM, COM +, VoiceXML, OLE Automation, ActiveX
  • Library: Windows DDK, MFC / ATL / WTL / STL, OpenGL, WinSockets, QT, DirectX, XNA, Telerik, ComponentOne, DevExpress, WebRTC
  • Operating system: Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Linux OS series
  • Server:MS Live Communications Server, Apache, MS Voice Server, MS Exchange Server, MS Project, MS SharePoint Server, Tomcat
  • Platforms and Web Libraries: Batavi, Magento, Joomla, Zend Framework, JQUERY, ExtJS, Prototype

Quality assurance

The Quality Assurance Department is composed of certified quality assurance specialists. All management techniques are ISO 9001 compliant, including general analysis and software optimization. Experienced builders and quality assurance engineers to ensure that the best products are provided for the required exercise. We have in-house experts and infrastructure to test the most complex programs, such as applications developed on Linux, as well as client / server and network software.


The process allows customers to view all errors and errors recorded in the error tracking system, which allows our professionals to work with the builders on their side. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of our collaboration and minimizes the total time required for an integrated quality assurance process. During the testing process, we use many different tools as well as personal automatic load test equipment.

QA / QC Program

Quality assurance and quality control of our company's application development for our customers begins with the initial requirements definition phase and ends with product operation and the delivery of the implementable version is inseparable from the product quality control process.

Our agent application development company has extensive and comprehensive QA / QC procedures. The main tasks of the quality assurance department include the development of quality assurance methods to limit future testing and maintenance costs.

Quality Plan

Each challenge requires a special assurance and testing method, which is unique to the requirements of the software being developed. We carefully analyze each project to organize the correct quality control process to define all possible hazards. According to the analysis, we prepared a detailed test plan.

Process Control

Through the development process, we have implemented a dedicated source code review method to ensure that the design and writing of the code have the lowest possible faults.

We perform the types of tests:

  • Practical
  • User interface
  • Unit
  • Return
  • Stressed
  • Performance
  • Configuration
  • Compatibility
  • Points
  • Architecture and Source Code Review

Software Expired

Different recording techniques may exist for decades, and many companies often use them, and they can be critical to business processes. It can be a process that has undergone many changes and updates and to some extent must be completely remodeled. Many moves will occur when the program is unstable or running slowly; is impossible to expand, or was developed with old technology and language that now must be moved to the new platform using the latest technology.

Our company has a great experience in updating software, from simple upgrades to complete remodeling, according to the growing needs of the business. Trust professionals, so that the most advanced business system, the most efficient.

Our clients

What is Reorganisation and Reconstruction?

  • Redesign software that is developed from scratch using the new technology without having to modify its external functional behavior or existing functionality.
  • Refactor provides software that uses existing source code elements to completely restructure or partially use the same technology.

Both methods require teams of specialized business analysts, architects, builders, and testers to understand the various aspects of refactoring and reorganization. All processes are inseparable from first-class quality assurance processes to ensure the quality of new products.

Keep technology updated

Sometimes you may have to redesign or refactor an app or system. Both strategies are difficult, time-consuming, and costly, and these investments can also reduce employee support costs, increase revenue and productivity while attracting new customers. In our company, we know how to update in the most efficient and economic way.

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