Case Studies



One of our customers was interested in the development of a website which lets access technology companies, build business partnerships with them and find out about technology events. We created a web platform that meets client’s needs and requirements and let users register to promote their companies, events and products as well as to find the company and their products. The website presents an intuitive and highly usable platform for creating business relationships in the sphere of technology.



An entertainment mobile application with social networking component was one of our latest development cases. The idea was to build a program that lets registered users to connect with people with common interests. A program helps users to create, discover, and invite other users to the events based on their location and preferred activities. Advanced events search is combined with social media functionality letting promote and discuss activities and chat with individuals. With the help of Facebook API, we also enabled streamlined login procedure, while our design team ensured sleek and user-friendly design.


Smart POS

Our customer approached us to create a cloud-based point of sales portal with integrated inventory management system so that his business could accept and manage not only offline but also online payments. We designed a powerful book-keeping tool that maintains business customers’ data providing a better environment for customer loyalty programs. Its inventory functionality ensures better management and storage of the products syncing it with the point of sale system. The tool reduces operational costs and improves rate and sales turnover.


Custom Print

An entrepreneur engaged in the photograph and printing industry approached us to create a fully-fledged suite of photo uploading and manipulating tool. The main goal was to ensure its simplicity and usability. We managed to achieve it implementing drop and drag features. The pictures can be edited in this web app with no needs to apply to the third-party software. The system is quite user-friendly and is easy-to-use even for inexperienced users guiding them with a step-by-step process and providing the cost of the printing in a real-time manner. It also allows entering custom dimensions catering all users’ needs.


Spa Manager

Working with a luxury spa, we were asked to build a website and mobile application for iPads that will provide an online reservation functionality to the users handling the demand. Our task was to integrate the features which encourage customers to use the service more often. The development team implemented internal flexibility letting users mix and match spa packages and purchase gift cards of any monetary value. Thus, the program we built gave customers more freedom encouraging them to use spa services more often.


1001 Jobs

In cooperation with a premier career and recruitment community, we developed a job search platform for senior-level specialists and professionals. Our customer asked us to pay special attention to details and compatibility with both computers and mobile devices. We designed a responsive user interface preserving its simplicity, clarity and contemporaneity ensuring that site will convert mobile and tablet traffic. The site has a powerful job search engine with numerous filters ensuring simple navigation and high usability.