Framework for Nook Developers

Nook developers have been quite feeling a threat as Samsung lost the case against Apple and that was a big loss for the whole Android Market. Even Nook has been left stranded though Google never posed a threat to Nook and has we do have the Google Book Store now on Nook. That news has given a new life to Nook. Nook developers have been using the Nook SDK2.0 add on. However, they have been using many frameworks as well and right now; we are going to have a look at the Nook Developer’s Framework list that seems to be quite long. We have Adobe AIR©, Android SDK, Appcelerator, Corona and so on.

The first one in the list is certainly the PhoneGap however. It is the cross platform mobile app development framework. You can have an access to the APIs as well as app stores with the help of PhoneGap. In fact, an HTML5 application platform can be used to develop the apps for all kind of devices. However, this does not really mean that you can develop the apps for any of the devices. This is certainly does not means that you can develop the Nook apps for all the devices. You can though use the HTML 5 in Nook development environment and that has never been done before. It is a gift for the Nook Developers.

They do have the Android SDK by the Google Inc. as well that provides the tools and the APIs that are necessary in order to begin developing applications over the Android platform with the help of the Java programming language. If you want to use the Adobe Flash® professional software as well as ActionsScript for building the web applications for standalone client applications then you need to use the Adobe AIR®. It is an awesome platform and you are certainly going to enjoy a lot.

We do have the Appcelerator Titanium as well that helps in creating the native mobile, desktop as well as the tablet applications. You can do this using the skills like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python as well as PHP and Ruby. This is one of the best frameworks available right now. Corona is from Ansca® mobile and it is one of the best mobile application development frameworks, which you are going to see definitely. It allows the Nook developers to build the applications for IOS as well as Android quite quickly.

The marmalade is yet software that allows the Nook developer to build as well distributes the cross-platform application quite quickly. You get the best flexible development environment. Undoubtedly, the richest cross-platform applications can be made using the Marmalade and you will not have to compromise on any account. The Nook developer does find them to be awesome and still we do have many more frameworks like Mono, Moai and the UNITY. All of them are quite awesome and you can use any of them. If as a Nook developer, you want to focus on game development and content then you will find the Moai SDK and UNITY to be the best certainly.