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Creating a Mobile App

You have a great concept burning in your mind, but do not know how to achieve it? Our team is just what you are looking for.

While some people suggest creating an app, the realist would say the threat was too big. Of course, there are dozens of construction projects available that allow you to see this view as a fact, but the reality is that app development requires not only good programming skills but also good planning, understanding of trends, and marketing abilities.

In our agency we have a great experience in app development and we are always ready to help you in any stage of planning, publishing and marketing.

Step 1: Set the target

Leave any form of technology, get a pen and paper, describe what you want to create. The starting point for any development is actually a strategy, not a complex coding and design. Answer the following questions:

  • What do you need the program to do?
  • How do you make it attractive to users?
  • What is the problem?
  • How will it simplify the user's life?
  • How would you promote the product?

If you do not describe correctly and set goals accurately, any company will not survive. Lack of planning and vision will cause the project to fail from the start. If you have questions at this early stage, trust the professionals. The specialists investigate your industry, reveal issues and opportunities, and help you determine the specific goals of your commitment to create what you need.

Step 2: Draw the idea.

You now need to use the responses defined in the previous step to create the product outline. It's time to move the clear wording to the visual performance of the idea. Decide whether to submit the product and provide advertising to generate funds, or you are going to provide the product as a paid download. You can also choose to offer in-app purchase options. If this is what you want to do, be sure to project it into sketches.

When you work with professional developers, the designer can help you show the project, take a different approach and continue until you are sure that the visual effect represents what the product should be.

Step 3: Research and Analysis

When this idea becomes more descriptive, it is time to deepen the concept of competition. Of course, we believe that you are a unique concept, but there is a chance someone has tried.

Needless to say we will never give up and we can make the product really special against the opponent. We deepened the evaluation of the opposition. Do users like / dislike these apps? So the experts use these facts for their strengths and adjust and standardize concepts accordingly.

After analysis and modification, companies need to focus on the transfer. Now is the time to use the energy of the Internet. Is your app a viable concept? Here, it is also important to look at copyright laws and practical technical initiatives. This step is crucial because it will save you money from a long-term perspective. We help the clients not to spend much time and money, these things will never work. On the contrary, we have created a first-class app that will become the most effective tool in the long run.

Step 4: wire frame

In the technology industry, the wireframe is a glorious storyboard. Here is the concept of sketch and design that we take and make it more functional. This will be the basis for the whole creation process, which is a key step. The developers bring outlines in digital life, with features like clicks and icons. We develop functional prototypes to fully understand the appearance of the final product. The trick is to find the way your client’s think and to provide them with the convenient tool to answer their needs and wishes.

Step 5: Set the backend

It's time to use the storyboard to start checking the function.

Using the wireframe, you need to describe the server, API, and data graphs. If you are difficult, we are here to assist and create a backend of the program and use the way to collect data about the program used. Whichever method you choose to develop an app, you must build a clear chart as a guide for all the people who work on the project.

Step 6: Check the model

It's time to call the troops here. Show presentations to friends, family, and anyone willing to give constructive feedback. Do not waste time with the individual would say, "That's great." Try to find those and cynics.

Remember the users and try to observe their thoughts, not their own thoughts. That’s what we do when we create and test software for our customers.

The final goal of this phase is to determine the structure and basis. This step requires specific skills and experiences to get started before applying the brain to work, including design to avoid late setbacks. When you work with us, you can do all work at a professional level.

Step 7: Construction

With the base prepared, you can start building the app along with the puzzle. First, the developer will configure the server, database, and API, reflecting feedback received from testers. It is important to modify the functionality to reflect any changes made entirely based on the first phase of the test.

At this point, it's time to sign up for the app store. You must create an account using Apple or Google Play before you can get the product on the market. The process may take a few days, so do not delay this step. In the process of working with you, our development company will carry out the process without worrying about you.

Step 8: Layout Appearance

If you still plan to participate in the development process, it's time to use the designer to create a user interface.

UI is an important part of any application because people are interested in the look and feel of things. Through the design process, you should keep in mind the feedback received by the testers and ensure that the design and navigation reflect your feedback.

Fortunately, our team includes not only coders but also testers, designers, project managers, marketing consultants and other employees, so we're ready to start from scratch to create apps. Our designers understand the latest trends, in strict accordance with the layout of the main guiding principles, increase creativity and excellent taste, according to users' needs to build the perfect product.

Step 9: Test app again

The second testing round is imperative. In this round, you must test both the functional program and the user interface. All app screens should work properly and should also be visually appealing.

We run a series of tests in our software development company, completely, to ensure that the appearance can meet the expectations of customers and users.

Step 10: adjust and change

You took a prototype round and found that there are some adjustments to make. Now that you've seen your candidacy in the form of its execution, you have to call the troops back and ask them to do so.

Users viewing the program during the development phase should be verified during the test phase. It is also important to be open to constructive critics and to make rational use of feedback. Finally, developers and designers will make more valuable changes to the product.

Step 11: beta test

Finally, you have managed to create a flawless feature that is an aesthetically pleasing product to solve the problem. You now need to check how the program will run in a real-world environment.

Android makes this process simple and iOS likes to keep things in a controlled environment. You can add a program file to any Android device and test it.

IOS requires developers to use Testflight and other platforms for beta testing. The use of its platform by Apple for guiding principles and apps is very complete.

Our developers have passed this program thousands of times and you can rely on their experience and ensure that the products we create will be properly tested to meet the most demanding requirements.

Step 12: Launch the app

Finally, you put this concept into practice, the rest of the step is sharing with the audience.

Android and iOS, and again, specifically for advertising apps. If you leave this business, you may see a pattern appear - Android is a bit less strict.

You can upload the program to the Android store. It will not be properly examined. You'll now promote your app on Google Play. IOS may also review the product before it is released. Although the Apple team does not have a timeline for checking the app, you can customize it for approximately a week of waiting.

Remember, it is imperative to keep promoting the application. Just because the product in the store doesn't mean that you will start making thousands the next day. Advertising is necessary.

It is just a quick review of the production process, from concept to release. You should also remember to maintain the software after startup. As you can see, such work takes a lot of time, energy and experience. If you need to create a perfect program that can bring profits, it's time to hire a professional application development company.

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