Some Best Apps and the BBC Olympics App from PhoneGap Application Developers at Olympics

Panasonic is now an old name, which is being seldom being discussed as companies like Samsung, and Motorola are certainly heading the list. However, they have come up with one of the best apps that will make you feel a lot happier as it will increase your knowledge related to the Olympics. You might be a good mobile application developer but you need this knowledge if you want to make some apps related to the Olympics. It is an awesome experience without any doubt. We are going to look at each app related to Olympics and that will give you an indication that what you can see on your mobile related to the Olympics. Each of the telecom giants have launched some sort of apps related to the Olympics. Either it is the Motorola or the Samsung; all of them have come up with some sort of apps, which might be IOS or Android apps as well. However, the best one is the BBC Olympics that is by PhoneGap application developers.

You need to look at many aspects and just have a look at the QUIZ TRIVIATHLON, which was being released in august 27, 2012. This was the day when Olympics started and now great number of people has come out to play the game, which is certainly quite awesome. You need to answer a series of questions related to Olympics and that will certainly be an awesome experience for you. You need to answer correctly continuously and if you fail to answer any one then you are going to be out of the competition. This might be an inspiration for many PhoneGap apps developers.

Right now in this Olympics, most of the telecom companies have made separate apps for both IOS and android. However, this is an indication for the PhoneGap apps developers that they are up with the latest technologies and they will be in great demand from next Olympics. However, PhoneGap has shown its presence in this Olympics as well. The most popular BBC Olympics has been made with the help of the PhoneGap. This is certainly exclusive to BBC out here in UK and you can watch all the major highlights as well as the medal moments all at one place. It is a great honor for PhoneGap application developers.

BBC Olympics provides you with the video on demand that is live and you will be getting this service on the 3G and the Wi-Fi. All the top stories are being included and you are up with around 24 live video streams. Each athlete is being casted and you will be getting the action, features as well as the interview related to each of them. You will regularly be getting the detailed schedule as well as the results for each of the event and the complete medal table as well. It is a tribute from the PhoneGap application developers and one of the finest PhoneGap apps.

There is a page for each Olympic sport as well as for each of the country, which is competing. You can customize this app as well and finally add the favorite game on the tab bar. You can make use of the social network as well. In all, it seems to be a great app from the PhoneGap App Developers.