Strategic ROI Driven Application Development

Our company is an application development team based in the UK with full cycle software engineering and design services.

Application Development Process

Ideas and Technical Requirements

At this initial stage, our project managers and business analysts talk with the client and decide on the scope of mission work and important milestones. We created the first draft of the program after discovering its main components, functions, usability, monetization strategies, etc. We encourage customers as owners of products to be part of the process of exchange of ideas and discussion. This is because the product demonstrates its maximum capacity and achieves business dreams.

User Interface Design

Although the current software environment is saturated with similar functionality programs, design is one of the main factors that drive the advantages of in-store apps. The UI can earn more stars than part of the characteristics of the product. Our strategy is to refine the design based on the most user-friendly and user-friendly basic functions. Once the user interface design is prepared, the coding of the program starts.


First of all, our team establishes the bases for the products that develop backends, including databases, social integration, architecture and other essential elements. Once the criteria are established, the specialist will test the full functionality program against real-life cases and general performance events. Speaking of Android, it is a very subdivided operating system, so we must try as many screens as possible. We will access more than 100 Android-based gadgets to ensure that the application works correctly and that each one is visually appealing. Once all errors have been detected and corrected, go to the final stage, launch.


Apple publishes the operating system and all the necessary documents in the corresponding store on Apple or Google Play. As a value-added service, we will support product promotion, access to the target audience and orientation to the top chart of the global store. We will support even after starting without abandoning customers. Our specialists are constantly preparing to update, update and change the software in response to the growing digital environment and growing business needs.

Web Development Service

We will create websites optimized for mobile devices (receptive and adaptable) that look good and work without problems.

  • MVP (minimum viable product): our team will verify the viability of the web, accumulate comments from the target group, present a prototype that can be clicked for buyer / businessman, approve to praise better and get a quote.
  • Cloud development: you can create a strategic roadmap, take advantage of the power of cloud technology to access massive savings and incorporate large data analysis capabilities for web solutions. Business development: create a robust web system and take advantage of extensive analytical and data functions, mixed functions of the cloud and Internet things (IOT).
  • Development of electronic commerce: use the possibilities of open source e-commerce systems such as Magento, Drupal, Opencart and the customized software development experience to promote business, add interactive functions, improve profitability We build an online retail solution .

Application Strategy

Through meticulous market research and the speed of product design, we support the software development approach.

  • Promoted or announced
  • Increase brand awareness, greatly improve online visibility
  • Improve the user experience
  • Reduce burdens and risks
  • Improvement of internal workflow
  • Get an appropriate investment benefit

UI / UX design

Wireframe and AI (information architecture). Based on market research and the application development strategy, we are capturing appropriate key performance indicators. We are conducting a comprehensive study of focus groups to test how potential users interact with functions as potential users (as reflected in the framework). The detailed analysis of user behavior (presented as a history table), to obtain feedback from the user, effectively the information becomes a movement plan can improve the design of the app. As a result, you can choose the UI / UX design that fits your application perfectly and is more convenient for users. We make sure that the design of the application fits perfectly with your company's brand and corporate style, as it is recognized as an integral element of the integrated entity of your brand.

Our clients

When to build a hybrid mobile package?

You have a Limited Time Frame
To build a cross-platform application is twice as fast as the development of native iOS, Android, Windows programs. Therefore, an essential element is the time to market, if there is a need to immediately reach a series of important mobile structure, it is recommended that a multiplatform development be taken into account. Full code library, accelerator, equipped with a reusable app, will be able to provide a complete application for the global market.
You have a Limited Budget
Let the actual check: In the development of native apps, one for each platform, two or more of the risk groups (depending on the range of the target system) will have to hire. This significantly increases the overall cost of development. With cross platform development capabilities, if the target system is three or more, you can reduce the budget from 30% to 40% or more.
Maintenance Costs Should be Kept as Low as Possible
Usually, because the code of an overlap between the mobile platform is much cheaper than the natives is to maintain the cross-platform tool. In some cases, when you re-use the code of a hybrid app, it can be as high as 90 percent. In order to guide and store certain platform software, it is not necessary to hire independent developers and quality control engineers.

When not to Rely on Multiplatform Development?

A product with a soft and sophisticated appearance and touch is required. In the native development, for developers KIT DE, professional guidelines, in the sense that compliance with the coding standard, the developers of all mobile platforms are using all the controls and user interface features that are available, with an excellent user interface / UX It is easier to build an app. It is a challenge to lose a difficult time to create a cross platform application with an excellent platform from Poland and UX at the same level of the user interface. However, it is difficult to get an aspect and feeling that it can be more easily completed with the native development.

Web development toolbox

  • Language: HTML, Python, Ruby / Rails, JavaScript, CSS, .NET, Java, C ++, PHP
  • Marco: Node.js, MDL, Symfony, Zend, boot belts, Foundation, Game, Spark, Express
  • UI framework and widgets: Kendo UI, jQuery UI, etc.
  • Database: PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, MySQL / MariaDB
  • Multiplatform: Ionic, Phonegap, Xamarin, Córdoba
  • Editor and tools: Atom, Visual Studio code, the NGP, Git

Facts and analyzes on a large scale, requires a robust and complex functions and features consisting of heavy animation. The introduction of such a function in hybrid, bulky apps, and requires a specific cruise. Native code, to optimize overall performance, simplifies the integration of data analysis and visualization tools to provide a more sophisticated user interface. In case there is no doubt that the complexity and specialization of functions, it is recommended that you carefully examine the robustness of the app.