Apple Developer Price: How to Make an App for iOS

Our software developers are contacted by many organizations that want to create mobile applications for internal use to optimize processes and increase productivity. Many customers wonder if it is possible to develop iPhone applications within companies and distribute them legally to employees and what price they have to pay for it. Many SMEs and large companies have introduced bring your own device policy (BYOD). In other words, employees of the company can use their personal smartphone and tablet to access and train the software inherited from the organization. It can increase the efficiency of the workflow.

How to Create a Business App?

To create enterprise software at a fair price, there is a way to entrust an app development agency or hire full-time developers. The second option is often preferred for companies that want complete control over the app development process and the price is not a question. This guarantees that the product matches the established brand and introduces the change in each stage of the life cycle of the application. There are many benefits of custom business applications, but if you distribute iOS applications to your employees, you must register with the enterprise app developer program.

How It Happens at Our Company

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Estimation of the Price for Software Development Effort

An app development project for any of the native iPhone programs, custom business system, mobile website begins with the discovery and estimation of time and cost. While we understand the needs of your business and keep it within your budget, our Apple developers service is reasonable priced. Our IT experts are always working closely with customers to find the best way to meet them at the cost they expect. Our IT architects can help you prioritize the functionality of your application, determine the best platform and design the best product for your business.

User Experience and User Interface Design

If you have a clear vision of the app you are creating, go to the Architecture Creation and User Experience (UX) plan. Later, our experienced user interface designer (UI) will design the graphic elements of the interface and the icons of the application, integrate the development of the brand and make the product coincide with the commercial image.

Application Programming

At this stage, the experts in the development of iPhone software will take action and identify their ideas in a clear and secure code. They program the databases, the basic logic behind the programs, the screen interactions and integrate various services to provide our clients with the most exciting, comfortable and intuitive experiences.

Shipping and Release of the App Store

As you can see, Apple has very strict software review guidelines, making it public and complying with Apple's requirements is a really difficult task. Our quality control specialists continually review the app throughout the development life cycle to ensure stability, responsiveness, high performance, and compliance with Apple guidelines. The approval process is a complex business and can take up to 10 days or more. After that, the app is finally released. Speaking of Google, Play Store guidelines are much less strict, processing is faster, sometimes only a few hours.

How to Test the App on the Device without Paying the Price of the Apple Developer

Many individual developers who wish to create iOS applications are very frustrated due to their participation in the Apple program for many years. Do you really need Apple developer membership? Wow, it’s price is $ 99 per year! This is really greedy on their side. In fact, you do not have to pay a room to build an app and deploy it on a personal device.

Our clients

Free Members and Payments

On the other hand, if you plan to make an iOS app and publish it in the App Store and make money, you must purchase an iOS developer license. Sorry, there is no way to publish your app to the public here. But please do not get so mad If you want to practice iOS development or create a program for your personal use, there is no obligation to pay anything. Many developers new to app development learn the basics of iOS programming, become familiar with Xcode's integrated development environment and take advantage of the great opportunity to use other official tools without much investment.

What do I need to register for free?

All features of both types of account can be read in the Apple Documentation Library. To acquire the membership of iOS developer out of price, you need the following:

  • Xcode 7 integrated development environment or higher
  • iOS 9 or higher
  • Apple ID

How to register the business app developer license

Apple's development team has created a guide to obtain the Apple Enterprise developer license for all those who want to design a rustic app for their staff.

  • Step 1: First, verify the information in the licenses on the official Apple website. Keep in mind that the price for annual license is $ 299.
  • Step 2: Before applying for membership registration, confirm that you meet the standards that Apple has specified for companies that wish to register. The software that you build is for internal use, not for general distribution within the organization You are authorized to enroll in your company for the Enterprise Developer program. Your company is registered in the universal data numbering system (DUNS). If there is no DUNS number, you must obtain it. To develop an iPhone application, you need a Mac computer running OS X Mavericks or a later version.
  • Step 3: To obtain the business app developer account, you must register with your Apple ID. If you already have a registered account, we recommend that you create a new account dedicated to your company to avoid confusion.
  • Step 4: To acquire a new account, you must click on the "Create Apple ID" button. Then, enter all the necessary information on the page. It contains information such as your name, address, password, security, billing details, etc. When finished, click on the "Create Apple ID" button at the bottom.
  • Step 5: You are asked to confirm your email address. Access the registered email mailbox and open the email. If you follow the instructions, click on the "Confirm now" button and redirect to the Apple website to confirm it. Now you can proceed to acquire the license.
  • Step 6: Go back to the page you signed in with the ID you created. By accepting the terms of service, you can congratulate Apple as an official developer. So do not waste any more time, read the conditions, accept the box and accept it.
  • Step 7: The following screen will be displayed, so tell me about yourself. Complete all the forms and click on the "Register" button to continue.
  • Step 8: In the next step, you must enter information to confirm the legal authority that links the organization to the Developer Program. Do not forget that you are the owner of the company or that you need permission to register it.
  • Step 9: You will be asked to enter information about your company, including the DUNS number on the next page. Make sure the DUNS information is up to date, since Apple will automatically use the address on your system. Once you have entered all the required data, you should review and send the details to confirm the registration. To register for the program, click [Continue]. You will receive a member ID and an automatic email.
  • Step 10: But do not get too excited too soon. We need to wait until Apple confirms the legal authority to register your company in the program. This process takes from 1 to 4 weeks. Responsible person will do 2 phone calls to confirm that you understand the purpose and terms. To create an iOS app that will be distributed to company employees, you need the Enterprise developer license. Otherwise, you must enroll in another program. The first question for Apple's agent is "How do you distribute the app?", But the second one is "Do you have permission to register to obtain licenses on behalf of your organization?" . These questions are just a form to ensure you have legal authority or to ensure that you are the business owner. Your membership inquiry will be accepted once you give the correct answer. You will receive another email with a description of how to complete the registration.
  • Step 11: Click on the link to the program's license agreement and accept the terms.
  • Step 12: Thereafter, you must pay £ 249 per 1-year membership. Enter the payment information and register.
  • Step 13: You will receive a confirmation email indicating that the payment has been made correctly and an email with the effect that the account is valid.

Get in Touch

Finally, you can start creating iOS applications for businesses. Our developer team hope that this step-by-step guide will facilitate the process of acquiring business licenses and help avoid misunderstandings. By the way, even if a company is participating in the Developer program, you can entrust software development to an external expert. A team of experienced Apple developers and designers is available to you at the fair price if you are not ready to perform complex coding, engineering, design and testing on your own.